The Final Shoot...Moving On..

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pwede na babe?
Its been a good run... after becoming a Shark Tank junkie for the past several months, all the more I'm convinced the Underwater imaging business, while doable... is not scalable... and after previous social media blunders, wrong alliances plus photo fatigue (something I never expected would happen but happened). this is my final set, milking it for what its worth. Will leave this blog open as a reminder of what could be accomplished if your zero'ed in to only one thing, apply the winning formulas to the new venture (Whiplash), Hope you enjoy this fun pool adventure...this old dog still has a few spectacles under his sleeve

Dive Albay Gulf, Bicol

New Dive Site PaparaSea
Dec 1, 2015- Mayon Volcano from a wet perspective
Bicol is the hometown of my Father and just a few weeks ago accompanied my parents for a week to fix some titles and manage thier clients' queries. My mom suggested for me to check out Albay Gulf in Legaspi if it can be a base for an envisioned dive center. Upon reaching Legaspi, I did quick research from locals since there aren't really dive centers set up in the area published online, till I learned about Pacific Blue Dive Resort which was located at Embarcadero (Sea Terminal), an area so strikingly similar to Dumaguete's Boulevard (Rizal Ave) minus the Mayon Volcano vista.

Maldives Trip 2015

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Nov 2, 2015- Lurina freedives while on safety stop

Being on a liveaboard is definitely the best way to experience diving Maldives. I'm just glad I've hit the water sooner than later. Below are some photos of our eight day adventure with Majestic Dive... loads of Mantas and Sharks during the whole trip..below are a few photos from our happy adventure :)

Throwback, revisiting the hard drive

There was a time I used to dive almost everyday. Been high and dry for close to three months and I had this "miss the sea" feeling. All a landlubber can do is reminise, revisit his hard disk and find some old photos. Here are some images which I've never posted, I've updated some of my old trip entries with these latest post processed pics which were parked in my hard drive. You can follow the album by clicking the screenshot :) or more embedded photos posted below. Thanks for dropping by.

Off the Grid, Marine Conservation Cambodia

Photographer Jun V Lao
June 2015- Volunteer Camilla takes a breather after an island to island swim

One of the strangest things about working and living in Cambodia is the amount of holidays one gets in a year. (lots of holidays at the first six months). Had a five day break a month ago and wanted to try diving the Cambodian coast again (dove Sihanoukville once in 2010, a three day/ ten dive adventure). Made several inquiries with dive shops around Sihanoukville and stumbled upon Marine Conservation Cambodia, a site I remember to have passed by frequently when I was new to diving (found it way cool).