There was a time I used to dive almost everyday. Been high and dry for close to three months and I had this "miss the sea" feeling. All a landlubber can do is reminise and do a throwback. Here are some photos which I've never posted, I've updated some of my old trip entries with these latest post processed pics which were parked in my hard drive. You can follow the album by clicking the screenshot :) or more embedded photos posted below. Thanks for dropping by.

Off the Grid, Marine Conservation Cambodia

Volunteer Camilla takes a breather after an island to island swim

One of the strangest things about working and living in Cambodia is the amount of holidays one gets in a year. (lots of holidays at the first six months of the year). Had a five day break a month ago and wanted to try diving the Cambodian coast again (dove Sihanoukville once in 2010, a three day/ ten dive adventure). Made several inquiries...

Planets Underwater

In 2012, Tony Cherbas posted an awesome set entitled Planets Underwater... here's a tribute set to his inspiring outworldly images, Tony is one of the more creative underwater photographers...

Vibrant Reefs- Bauan Batangas

A Giant Frogfish lurks at a dark corner of the reef, Emi explores

In the early 90's, Bauan Batangas was probably the main base for most Manila divers when the roads to Anilao were still being completed. Currently, the area caters mostly to newly certified divers since most resorts in the area have house reefs very suitable for dive training plus resort packages...

Amazing Wreck in San Luis Batangas ( nearest Anilao )

A delightfully intact wreck found in Batangas
Its been a month since I've taken several photos of the San Luis wreck in Batangas and currently still receive message inquiries about it's location... Below is a map and contact number of Seasport Park and Drive (formerly Rockport Resort)  where the wreck can be accessed via shore dive. approximately 30 minutes from Anilao pier, 10 minutes from Ligpo island