Five reasons to buy the Bluraw 1800 lumen Pocket torch

Scuba toys, gear review
Tiny, Powerful, Innovative, the Bluray torchlight surprises you with a 1,800 lumen, 90 degree wide beam for video which can shift to a 5 degree spotlight with a flick of a switch

Bonfire Diving and Photography with Ram Yoro

Scuba diving, underwater photography, pasparazsea
See alien like critters you don't usually find on a regular day dive. All you need is the willingness to dive in during the wee hours of the night. Found a larval stage 1 inch Wunderpus at 5m depth at around 0200 early morning.

Blackwater Diving in Anilao with Squires Bingham Sports

Scuba Diving, Underwater Photography, Jun V Lao, PaparazSea
Think you've done it all as a diver...try Blackwater diving with Squires Bingham Sports...It's an In too deep late night adventure not for the faint of heart. Vanessa shooting a cool jelly