May 08, 2015

Canon S100 Lens Error fix

Canon Powershot users are prone to receiving a "Lens error" message which can ruin a holiday or worst, you may find yourself in the middle of a photo competition and suffer this untimely setback.

...searching the web, found this very straightforward fix to the dreaded "Lens error" problem.
Just bring along the tiny screwdrivers and some aluminum tape all the time.. and find yourself back in the game in no time :) holiday problem solved!

the generous donor of the fix:

April 18, 2015

Planets Underwater

In 2012, Tony Cherbas posted an awesome set entitled Planets Underwater... here's a tribute to his inspiring outworldly images, Tony is one of the more creative underwater photographers who consistently wins photo competitions yearly. His creations echo a true underwater artist... churning out original and exciting perspectives.

                                              Jupiter Ascending                                                                   Red Planet

Planet Pasta

Planet Garlic and Cheese

Planet Buoy

All the tribute photos were taken with Bus Stop Dive Resort, a rustic resort located in Bauan Batangas offering city dwellers the opportunity to reset... refresh, relax and unwind. Check out their facebook page here.

just a few of the marine life that can be seen in Bauan Batangas

Welcome to Bus Stop Dive
Bauan Batangas
Learn to Dive at P15k, inclusive of license & accommodations
for inquiries, call Eric- mobile/viber +63917-5102984