Baby Sea Turtles First Crawl and Swim, Zambales

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A surprising unplanned encounter with baby sea turtles. Do you want to see them live and get a chance to witness Sea Turtles laying eggs in the this

Underwater Motorbikes Anilao

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Take a plunge and take the most silly selfies at a shallow 5 meters. Take photos with a pair of motorbikes, a computer table complete with phone and a vw beetle resides a bit deeper than the rest

Is a Photo Trip to Tubbataha worth the Money?

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See Dolphins, Mantas Whalesharks, loads of shoaling fish, every encounter may be considered as a surprise moment. It's probably the best first major dive trip you will do in your lifetime.

Five Reasons NOT to Dive Lobo Batangas

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I personally call Lobo the Final Frontier of Southern Luzon when it comes to diving, Its the only province in Batangas where the local government has not sold out to mining and oil conglomerates, 

Ridiculously cool VW Beetle Dive, Latest Anilao Wreck

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I wanted to buy this Beetle for P15k from the owner of Monte Carlo Dive Resort two years back, he wasn't kidding when he said he'd rather throw it in the ocean. R J of Pier Uno models