April 18, 2015

Planets Underwater

In 2012, Tony Cherbas posted an awesome set entitled Planets Underwater... here's a tribute to his inspiring outworldly images, Tony is one of the more creative underwater photographers who consistently wins photo competitions yearly. His creations echo a true underwater artist... churning out original and exciting perspectives, a man ahead of his time, beyond fish id shots :)

                                              Jupiter Ascending                                                                   Red Planet

Planet Pasta

Planet Garlic and Cheese

Planet Buoy

All the tribute photos were taken with Bus Stop Dive Resort, a rustic resort located in Bauan Batangas offering city dwellers the opportunity to reset... refresh, relax and unwind. Check out their facebook page here.

just a few of the marine life that can be seen in Bauan Batangas

Welcome to Bus Stop Dive
Bauan Batangas
Learn to Dive at P15k, inclusive of license & accommodations
for inquiries, call Eric- mobile/viber +63917-5102984