Baby Turtles via Pawicare Conservancy Trip Report

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A surprising unplanned encounter with baby sea turtles. Do you want to see them live and get a chance to witness Sea Turtles laying eggs in the this

Underwater Motorbikes Anilao

Jun V Lao, Underwater Photography, PaparazSea
Take a plunge and take the most silly selfies at a shallow 5 meters. Take photos with a pair of motorbikes, a computer table complete with phone and a vw beetle resides a bit deeper than the rest

Diving Tubbataha 2017, is it worth the Money?

PaparazSea, Scuba Diving, Tubbataha, Dive Philippines
See Dolphins, Mantas Whalesharks, loads of shoaling fish, every encounter may be considered as a surprise moment. It's probably the best first major dive trip you will do in your lifetime.