Five reasons to buy the Bluraw 1800 lumen Pocket torch

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Tiny, Powerful, Innovative, the Bluray torchlight surprises you with a 1,800 lumen, 90 degree wide beam for video which can shift to a 5 degree spotlight with a flick of a switch

Was sent another torch light for review from the local dealer of Bluraw torches Bryan Chua and here are 5 reasons why you should add this to your arsenal of dive lights... 

Reason No. 1-  It's Tiny enough to fit in with all that scuba gear. A pair of these little bad boys will take up minimum space to your plethora of Scuba toys..  

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A roughly 6 inch Tiny yet ultra powerful torch

Reason No. 2- It's designed to give the user a Wide 90 degree video light and with a simple flick of a switch turns it into a spotlight where for some bigger critters, it can serve as a snoot light for creative underwater photography

Bluraw underwater torch review
Special Wide 90 degree beam to 5 degree spotlight with a flick of a switch, great for taking video and can serve as a macro snoot

Reason No. 3- It throws a true 1,800 lumens of wide light with no hotspot and shifts as a 300 lumen spotlight with a flick of a switch

Blurwas torchlight underwater review
1,800 lumens of pure 90 degrees wide angle joy, best for underwater video

The spotlight feature will narrow the beam to 5 degrees, great for snoot for bigger critters and great for finding blackwater or bonfire dive subjects to isolate them from the vastness of inner space

Reason No. 4-  It has three more creative lighting options, a red light so you can capture shy subjects, a powerful blue uv beam and purple beam for creative underwater lighting or fluro night dives, where you will feel like clubbing underwater as the ligjts turn the reef into a neon playground. 

Reason No. 5-  It sports a 5,000 mah battery which can last you a full 90 minutes at full power and over 120 minutes continuous light at half power, great for night dives, it outlasts most lights rated at 3,000 lumens or higher..., it's always a trade off between power and extended play and I would always lean towards the latter (longer burn time) and 1,800 lumens is more than enough light for serious enthusiasts. 

This powerful and innovative high quality torch is now available in the Philippines with a suggested retail price of P12, 000 pesos through Bryan Chua, contact him direct at 09178414703 or message him at for more details and pick up point.

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