Maldives turns into Chinatown overnight

China is buying out the scuba industry, Chadi anyone? (that was a bad joke) :)

Went to Maldives lately? Observed that 50-70% of Maldives' tourists are now coming from Mainland China. From the airport all the way to the boats and all other extended tours, Maldives has practically turned into Chinatown, a very good thing for Maldives as the Western hemisphere slowed down on traveling due to a myriad of economic woes.

still the usual Mantas, Sharks but this trip was quite interesting as a freediver model tagged alomg..., Again, Maldives is always cool as you get to shoot big fish almost daily :)
Scuba Diving, Underwater Photography
A Trip to Maldives will always yield Oceanic Mantas
customary selfie
Head on... love it...
very preggy Nurse Shark at Alimatha

L-stopover at Paradise Hotel for lunch    R- Snapshot of Khuda Giri Wreck
the customary shot with Whaleshark
customary group shot
where we went
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taragis...piniliit talaga...Happy Monday from Paradise :P #MajesticDive

The Trip Video 
manta, whaleshark, grey, black, white....the chopseuy video, dslr, goprp, iphone footage rolled into one... the cast are almost all wechatters so..see u on we chat :)

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