Surf Photography in Siargao

Siargao Underwater Phortography, Duck Diving
Duck Dive photography is fun

Cloud 9 in Siargao is known worldwide as one of the top surfing destinations on the planet. Was here for a week doing my final photo and video coverage for Shore It Up and was fortunate to have had enough free time to explore General Luna from an underwater perspective.

There are many places of interest around Siargao beyond surfing such as mangrove tours in Del Carmen,  where if lucky, you may get to  observe Philippine crocodiles in the wild, Scuba diving at Blue Cathedral, Stalactite formations around Sohoton caves, millions of stingless jellyfish found at Bucas Grande Island & Big game fishing attracting anglers from across the globe... but had only enough time to focus on one activity, so naturally, I stuck to General Luna to catch me some waves.

Siargao Underwater Photography

siargao underwater photography

Siargao Underwater

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