PADI Open Water Certification

Jun V Lao, PADI Scuba Instructor OWSI
Dive like a boss

The PADI Open Water Diver course was designed for you to safely navigate the underwater world and dive it like a Boss.

The Fun Course is divided into three easy parts which are as follows

I. Dive Theory (Knowledge Development)

Learn about the science of diving, the gear you will use, navigate underwater

1. Independent Study

  • Will meet you to get your Learning Materials and brief you what needs to be done
  • Your next steps
  • a) Read the Open Water Diver Manual
  • b) Answer the Knowledge Reviews every end of the chapter
  • c) Learn about reading and using the RDP Table (learn from RDP Manual)

2. Discuss Theory (Revisit what you've learned)
  • Upon revisiting your answers, will be sharing real life experiences, will reinforce various theories and remind you why its important to you on a personal level (Time +/- 3 hours)

3. Accomplish Quizzes
  • You'll be answering Four Quizzes with 10 questions each. Not to worry, will guide you and this will be a walk in the park if you diligently have gone through items 1 and 2.

4. Final 50 item Multiple choice exam
  • This will assess your knowledge about diving in general. While I may guide you with the answers, don't shortchange yourself. Remember whats important. Again a walk in the park if you've diligently have gone through items 1 and 2.

II. Confined Water Dives (one day)

Will be doing this exercise preferably in the pool (recommended) or in shallow ocean water with pool like conditions (in case a pool is not available). We can book a pool session with a partner dive shop either in San Juan, QC or Makati or for provincial training, will be scouting an area which is most suitable to applying what you've learned during the Theory/knowledge development session. We are to accomplish four dives to master for real what we've learned from the book and finally, in water

III. Open Water Dives (one to two days)

Get your game face on as we finally hit the Ocean. We do a repeat of all the exercises we did in the pool but this time, we get to do it at Sea (yahoo!) . Once you've illustrated competence with all three parts of the course, I hand out your Temporary Certification Card and congratulations, you are now a new ocean ambassador and certified PADI open water diver

The rewards after your Open Water Course

IV. Fees

Open Water Course Fee is Php 18,000 for minimum three students which includes:
1. PADI Open Water Dive Manuals
2. PADI Open Water Dive License
3. BCD and Reg Rental , Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Booties, Weights rental during the confined and open water dives
4. Instructor Four Day Fee

For 1-2 students, course fee at P20,000

Overnight Resort Fee Php6,000 +/- ..our partner Pier Uno rates here

1. 4 buffet meals
2. Tank use for the open water dives
3. Dive Pass . Marine Park Fee, Boat Dive
4. Overnight Accommodation (shared) with Four Buffet Meals
* The estimated cost is based on room and boat sharing.

3. Transportation Cost are not included in any of the fees mentioned above.

4. For some reason you need to cancel

  • 1. Kindly inform us 48 hours ahead so we may inform our partners of the pullout. Our business partners need to fill up those vacant rooms, just like budget airlines would
  • 2. Resorts usually charge us a 30% penalty for cancelled reservations, this would be the additional charges that will incur if we miss our booking
  • 3. The open water course is performance-based but there are students who may need more time in the classroom or the water. We may discuss additional time you need but we would discuss the additional fees needed for such requests. We strongly encourage you to take the knowledge development part as serious as possible so we may not move back and forth and finish your certification at the prescribed time

V. Payment Scheme:

1. Initial Payment – Php12,000 upon receipt of the Open Water Diver Course Manuals.
2. Final Payment – Php6,000 at the start of the Confined Water Training Dives.
3. additional surcharges –we would not want this, lets aim to stick to our timetable by being diligent with our courses. Unlimited fun after guys guaranteed :)
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