Jun V Lao

Founded PaparazSea in 2012 primarily as an UW Photo and Video production service. The outfit won many awards, done conservation coverage work for many marine NGO's, initiated close to a thousand wildlife ocean tours and had several projects broadcasted and published in major networks and reputable publication titles worldwide
Beyond ocean coverage work, Jun has shifted his priorities towards training future ocean ambassadors. A PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor since 2015, Jun gets you certified as a PADI Open Water Diver so you and your friends can safely explore the underwater world and look sexy while doing it.
A former advertising practitioner for close to two decades, Jun has the knack of simplifying the complex and learning diving with Jun is guaranteed to be a fun yet comprehensive learning experience. Beyond getting a cool scuba instructor, you've got a shoulder to cry on if your underwater pictures suck, we'll both fix that once your diving and buoyancy skills have been perfected

Contact me  
Mobile- Globe 09159473888 or Smart 09475811998
Email- paparazsea@gmail.com

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