PaparazSea is a Manila based boutique Dive Training, Photography and Travel group (WE DIVE Manila- Dive Training / PAPARAZSEA- Photography-Videography-Travel)  focussed on providing custom dive trips for discerning diving and underwater photo enthusiasts while beginners can rejoice as we also provide simple, straight forward, fun yet comprehensive PADI dive certifications at the heart of Metro Manila.

Our custom Dive Tours are designed for experienced divers with a passion for underwater imaging, where every trip has been carefully planned so that no dive comes to waste. While we may never guarantee encounters in the wild, our vast experience in the field guarantees a high success rate in meeting you're imaging objectives whether it be finding tiny macro subjects or swimming alongside big fish. We have been doing specialty dive tours in the Philippines since 2012 and have done thousands of successful underwater sojourns with various client/partners from around the world (some testimonials below).

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Your First Certification Card comes by taking the PADI Open Water Course

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Want to take on more challenges and explore further, the PADI Advance Open Water Course fits you perfectly


Once you gain that confidence and start defying gravity, we highly specialize in finding marine wildlife for personal viewing pleasure or for personal photography via our ocean wildlife tours. 

We encourage every diver to pursue Underwater Photography since your pictures can raise awareness about issues surrounding our fragile ocean and marine wildlife.

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