Jun V Lao like everyone started out as a passionate underwater enthusiast. A former media advertising and sales practitioner for over 18 years, he just had enough of the corporate world and decided to live the simple life by the sea as much as he could. He was initially afraid of water, cried and almost gave up on his first try dive session. He reluctantly got an open water license in 2006 and never really wanted to dive again till he was able to take hold of an underwater camera.

After a slew of gadgets such as an intova (my first ever camera), an old sony point and shoot in ikelite housing, a canon g9 and somehow made the Olympus XZ1 a household name in underwater photography through macro images taken in Nha Trang and Anilao via an old scubaboard post which went viral.

In the years 2013 and 2014, Jun made headway in the underwater photo circuit not only as a prolific award winning underwater shooter but as a well known macro guide, made a few first time discoveries in Anilao and was someone who could name almost any species of critter (by scientific name) found immediately after every dive to the delight of his passionate photographer guests. He became a speaker once in a dive show, got too many images published on a slew of newspapers, magazines (go to press section), got hired to shoot for many private and NGO conservation projects and had a thriving underwater tours business.

Fast forward 2018, he continues to passionately shoot whenever he can  but has included scuba diver training, something he found very rewarding seeing his students blossom into seasoned divers as time goes by.  As an instructor never forgetting his fearful first time underwater juxtaposed his diving experience which spans 12 years from exploring almost every dive site in the Philippines, Asia and South Australia, he is able to translate the science of scuba in a much more simple, practical and straightforward way. 
Thanks for dropping by, as shared, am here as an ambassador to help you get started exploring oceans and if you are passionate about underwater imaging, I am also here to passionately help you get started.


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Once you gain that confidence and start defying gravity, we highly specialize in finding marine wildlife for personal viewing pleasure or for personal photography via our ocean wildlife tours. 

We encourage every diver to pursue Underwater Photography since your pictures can raise awareness about issues surrounding our fragile ocean and marine wildlife.

Diving for us is not just a sideline nor a hobby business, we've been diving for seven years and you can call it our life. We've done close to a thousand Ocean Wildlife sojourns and certified hundreds of students during that period and we treat every client like family.

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