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Simplified and Straightforward Dive Training and Ocean Tours

We break down our dive training placing emphasis on three areas
  1. For You to Safely Navigate the Underwater World
  2. For You to be a responsible diver to your buddy and the marine life and environment around you
  3. For You to Look Sexy and Super Confident while having fun Underwater
Once you gain that confidence and start defying gravity, we highly specialize in finding marine wildlife for personal viewing pleasure or for personal photography via our ocean wildlife tours. 

We encourage every diver to pursue Underwater Photography since your pictures can raise awareness about issues surrounding our fragile ocean and marine wildlife.

Diving for us is not just a sideline nor a hobby business, we've been diving for seven years and you can call it our life. We've done close to a thousand Ocean Wildlife sojourns and certified hundreds of students during that period and we treat every client like family.

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Mobile- Globe 09159473888 or Smart 09475811998
Email- paparazsea@gmail.com

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