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Photo Artist, Dive Instructor, Event Producer

In 2004, a persistent ex managed to grab Jun by the balls to do a 'try dive', an activity he tried to shy away from (will ruin nest egg goals) but one stormy July month, Jun did it anyway, got hit hard by a strong wave as he did his first ever ocean entry donning a space suit (kinda felt like one at the time) and almost quit the walk on the moon moment, wailing "ayaw ko na" after gulping water and shaken by the wave and swells. His patient and persistent 'try dive' facilitator soldiered on, got Jun to man up and submerge into Space... and Jun V Lao couldn't quite get enough of the Ocean after that.
(Left, Jun shooting Mantas in Bali Oct, 2016 by Rachmat Antoyo

Jun V Lao, Underwater Photography, Scuba Diving
Palau 2009 with second camera Canon G9
Quitting his frivolous advertising media career in 2011, he started living OFF THE GRID, hopped from island to island and only surfaced to post pictures of his underwater sojourns. By 2012, he started bagging awards left and right, got hired several times as a photographer/videographer for several marine conservation expeditions and by 2013 was conducting highly successful underwater photography tours around the Philippines (Hero moment).
Jun V Lao, Scuba Diving, Underwater Photography
Thanks Adam Hew for immortalizing this awesome moment  (MIDE 2014)
While social media enabled Jun to quickly scale his photography works and tours, he has also met thoughtless criticism by competing operators and excessive attention seeking photographers (Gang banged on social media to be more precise by people who he has never met in person just riding on a popularity vote...

Jun left the water with tail between his legs and went back to being a corporate wag, initially recruited as a consultant to Cambodia's leading broadcast station and in a short three months was anointed Head of the airtime sales department (i knew what was coming, been there done that) only to discover more silly politics, power hungry clowns and much deep seeded corruption within.. which prompted Jun to head back to the Philippines.

A none politician by heart, Jun prefers to work behind the scenes and away from the crowds but ironically founded Whiplash Entertainment, a seriously cool ideas and event company which was able to mount on June 12, 2016 one of the most abruptive, vibrant and well attended fun runs in Philippine history.
Whiplash Entertainment
absurd concept...yet it worked and landed on the masthead of the Philippines No. 1 daily
official Photo Video coverage partner of historic Tour De Timor 2016

While it was fun running Whiplash Entertainment, something big was missing in Jun's life... its time to do what he LOVEs and give back... and in 2017 he'll put more emphasis on training future ocean ambassadors, take them to more ocean adventures if committed enough and if they have an interest in Underwater Photography, he will build a solid foundation for them to work on to move on to bigger things (a future UW photography star perhaps, or simply a ocean hero, fighting for what's right for our seas) Jun will be going on more ocean sojourns... is too short, get real, do what you love and the Ocean I love immensely... See you underwater

Sipadan Diving Nov 22, 2016, photo by Jonatan Sanchez

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By Appointment..
PADI Scuba Diver Course (get certified but short on time)
PADI Open Water Course  (get certified-the full monty)
PADI Adventure Diver Course (higher learning)
eg. Nitrox, Peak Performance Buoyancy
PADI Rescue Diver Course (safety specialist)

my journey was quite different...silly if you ask me

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