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Never gone diving?,  get those lingering questions answered through your mind here
Curious how a session of Discover Scuba Diving goes, here's a quick run down...

1. For those with extreme fear of the water, we recommend the experience of 'breathing underwater' for the first time in pools for rent having the appropriate rental scuba gear.
Jun V Lao, Discover Scuba
If you fear the water too much, the pool is a safe haven, Start Here, I used to be one of them (afraid of water)

This helps you conquer your fears more quickly and assess if you are excited enough to move on doing the experience at open sea.                                                                                                        

2. Finalize Payment, its mostly done prior the session (exceptions if done with partner resorts) since this will enable your DSD facilitator to rent for you the appropriate gear plus like wedding planners prepare the best environment for the DSD candidate to experience breathing underwater                                                                              
3. Once everything is settled, with all your scuba gear complete (find the perfect fit, I strongly advise renting first) and finding the right pool or resort with complete gear which fits your wallet and taste, the DSD facilitator gives you a quick summary of

  1. How to breath underwater,  (continuous breathing in and out slowly, no gaps)
  2. Key highlights of scuba equipment, (scuba regulator, your buoyancy compensator device, weights, mask, fins)
  3. Run you through several hand signals so you can communicate underwater (ok, not ok, up, down, take my pic) and
  4. Teaches you how to equalize so you can descend underwater comfortably (descending underwater subjects your body changes in pressure, similar when a plane starts to land, your ear starts to experience discomfort, the remedy is equalization) for  you to enjoy fully playing underwater. 
Photo By Charlie Ledesma
Typical Briefing, get familiar with the gear you will be using
©Charlie Ledesma 

4. Donning your gear, you now get to discover scuba diving for the first time, most participants I've brought down are happy with 30 to 45 minutes of their virgin dive.

Discover Scuba is is a great Team Building activity, it boosts self esteem, sparks conversations and 

5. The whole session usually lasts three to four hours and after the experience, we do a debriefing, assessing the total experience, most of the time leading to discussions of the process of enrolling for an Open Water scuba course enabling you to become a certified diver, giving you access to dive centers around the world offering a myriad of fun open water experiences.

Photographer Jun V Lao
Whats in Store...

If you do want to go "Try Scuba", don't hesitate to contact me, I love taking people under coz it brings me back to very fond memories of my own first time.


We conduct Discover Scuba Sessions for Metro Manila residents. I even throw in free photos of your first time (a must). Raring to go, get in touch with me at +639159473888  ore send me an email at  

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The self-contained underwater breathing apparatus or scuba diving system, as we know it today, is the result of technological developments and innovations that began almost 300 years ago.scuba taiwan


Scuba divers are required to undergo a training and certification course prior to they are allowed to go on diving expeditions. In truth, no reputable diving shop will sell or rent any equipment to a diver unless they are in a position to prove that they know how to use diving gear correctly and dive safely and responsibly. cayo diablo


thanks for your comment Deborah, :) cheers


with great fun comes great responsibility, cheers Cayo :)


The BCD design is slightly different as well between men and ladies. For Ladies' BCD, it ... buoyancy compensator for divers