Bali Manta Madness 2018 Trip Report

if you have not seen Mantas, Bali offers surreal intimate encounters with not just one but many

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Snorkeler braving 21c waters, our first surreal dive at Manta Bay (a.k.a. Manta Point 2)

While the Philippines has some of the world's best diving spots, it's quite challenging to find intimate encounters with lots of manta rays on a 'consistent' basis in our 7100 islands. For those seeking much longer encounters and surreal fly bys, Nusa Penida Bali is the place to be.

Trip Video, Too many Mantas, Click Me :)

Most Filipino divers frequent only three destinations for major dive and travel holidays, mainly Palau, Maldives and Tubbataha which by default is the choice areas by veteran scuba instructors, I've always shared to most the wonders of diving in Bali and still continue to push for it as it delivers a totally different experience topside and down under.

Underwater Photography, Scuba Diving, Trip Report, Diving, Bali Diving, Bali 2018, PaparazSea
Mantas are so used to people here you can do buddy swims

Bali actually offers more than just Manta Rays, we tried to see some Mola Mola's but lady luck was quite cruel lol, water was still warm (averaging 21c). Macro Photography is also great in the Tulamben area and other nearby sites but it does not make sense to waste dives there since we have so much more tiny wonders in Anilao, Dauin, Puerto Galera and, if you think about it, almost every shoreline around the Philippines will yield macro biodiversity if you just know where to look.

Roedin pokes some fun at me

Indonesia actually has more islands than the Philippines, giving it more dive sites and unparalleled marine biodiversity. While Raja Ampat and Komodo are their crown jewels, the Nusa Penida area is more than enough if your target are encounters with Manta Rays and Mola Mola (Sunfish) plus its a quarter of the cost versus the 'crown jewel' Indonesian dive sites. You can get chance encounters with Wobegong sharks too, I've yet to see one though after six times diving the area but all my trips there were the short 5d4n sojourn. 

same with Josh..ya ya ya, nice pics guys :)

Things to consider when diving the Nusa Penida side of Bali

1. Manta encounters are whole year round, but our dive operator shared February and October is mating season (interesting)
2. Mola Mola season starts August, but September is the best time to see them as water reaches it's maximum coolness (17c+/-)
3. Port of entry is Depansar Bali, flights from Manila are via Air Asia and Cebu Pacific (+/- USD320)
4. During the cold season (August and September), have to rent a 5mm wetsuit, or a Shark Skin with a 3mm over it will keep you's icy cold, but then, we are Asian.
5. Places of interest beyond diving is Kuta Beach, Ubod (arts center) and Uluwatu (surfers paradise), roughly an hour and a half from Nusa Dua or Sanur, where dive operators hold shop.

Uluwatu beach view

In summary

Diving Bali is best when your primary target is surreal encounters with Manta Rays. Treat the Mola Mola as a chance encounter, better yet, choose September when you go (we did 6 dives and nada...we tried and worked too hard lol) to temper expectations, it's wildlife :). What makes Bali special is beyond diving, a side trip to Ubod or Uluwatu will make your holiday an unforgettable underwater and topside visual fiesta.

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Wildlife in Bali...Manta Madness

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Nyepi day has just passed, and this unique festival is only ever celebrated in Bali. The whole island shuts down, and no work, traveling or even noise is allowed. same day Agra tour by train


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