Selfie With Turtles, How

Selfie with turtles
Gunning for the ultimate selfie awards

For some weird reason, I enjoy taking photos of me with turtles. Personally find it challenging and fun and made it a point that on every dive trip, I had to have a selfie with one...

Selfie with Turtles
Bauan 2015
Turtles are always awesome and I never get tired seeing one in the wild. Could spend a  whole dive just watching turtles munch on corals, swim gingerly by and follow them as they surface to breathe. Call me turtle crazy... its a silly nonsense, doltish obsession but my buddy told me its quite amusing, so here's the current 'Selfie with Turtle' collection from my past trips to Bali, Phuket, Maldives, and various dive sites around the Philippines

Selfie with Turtles
Sunview Anilao 2014 with Mawi

Selfie with turtles
Maldives 2014
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Selfie with turtles
Turtle in Bali 2014

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Turtle in Moalboal 2014
Turtle in Phuket 2013

Turtle in Tubbataha 2013

Selfie with Turtles
first selfie with Turtle, Twin Rocks Anilao with Kuba 2012
Tips on seeing turtles: When you're new to diving, your dive guide usually takes you deep, 50- 60 feet most of the time and slowly takes you to the surface. Resident turtles reside at a shallow 15-30 feet. They usually maintain this depth since they do have to breathe at one point right? Try diving consistently at this depth and your hit rate of seeing turtles will increase two fold. Just make sure the dive site you are going to has turtles (some sites dont).  

Best Places to see Turtles in the Philippines

p.s. kindly refrain from playing tag/ touching/ riding turtles...why most sea turtles in the Philippines are shy, most have been unintentionally harassed by tourists (foreign & local). Swim with them, observe closely but no touching... you're helping everyone else after you get a better chance for a future close encounter :)

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