Tubbataha Trip 2013

Jun V Lao Underwater Photography
A Battery of Chevron Barracuda patrol, one of the many big fish encounters you can witness at Tubbataha  

Jun V Lao, Underwater Photography
Jackfish exhibit shoaling behavior, a wonderful site to behold

Here's a 2013 Tubbataha trip where spent most of my time taking video...

Was just typing a silly blog entry and got a call from Penn Pineapple Apple Penn with him sharing  if I had time to dive Tubbataha as there are still spaces within the first transition trip of Oceana Maria for the year...  24 hours later, I found myself headed to Apo Reef, Coron then Tubbataha on board Oceana Maria... the summary of a serendipitous adventure on film here...no need for words...just hit play

Thanks Pen Dls for this awesome gift...

Tubbataha in 6 minutes...

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