Three Fun Facts about Eagle Point Resort Anilao which you never knew

Relax and Unwind in Anilao's first ever luxury resort, over two decades of diving service offered to a more discerning clientele

Eagle Point resort Anilao is the first luxury resort to operate in Anilao Batangas. For more than two decades, the dive resort has set the benchmark in opulent accommodations and tried-and-true recreational diving services in Mabini Batangas. What separates Eagle Point from other resorts is it has the ability to serve large groups from company outings to bus loads of foreign guests. Probably the biggest resort in Anilao, it recently did renovations to their dining area to accommodate their continuous growing number of local and foreign sojourners.

the resident turtle can be seen early in the mornings

Here are some fun facts about Eagle Point Resort which sets it apart from their Anilao neighbors...

1. Eagle Point has a dive training pool which contains at least two juvenile black tip sharks at anytime of the year.

The resort has quietly been saving sharks on a regular basis by buying them from Aquariums/ fish traders, feeding and nurturing them till they reach close to adult size then release them as they've matured to fend for themselves. This is the real reason you occasionally see black tip sharks on patrol in Anilao, it has been due to the buy and release program happening for decades, a selfless effort by the resort

buy and release program done for decades

2. Sepoc Beach Center in Maricaban Island is privately owned by Eagle Point. 

If you are looking for a long stretch of white sand in the Anilao area, look no further. For an additional minimum fee, you get to enjoy a stretch of white sand amidst lush greens just 30 minutes via banka ride. Its a perfect place to do surface interval and refresh the senses.   

photos c/o Eagle Point website
the outskirts of Sepoc is great for freediving
photos c/o Eagle Point website

3. Its the only resort in Anilao which has been operating for 25 years and has no signs of slowing down. 

With the Cathedral Dive Site as its house reef, having over hectares of generous space, an easy opportunity to snorkel with juvenile black tip sharks and getting to experience the white sandy stretch of Sepoc in Maricaban Island are the main reasons Eagle Point continues to lead in drawing guests from local corporate giants to foreign dive clubs from around the world. The resort shows no signs of slowing down, and before I forget, they also provide the best all day buffet meals too (try the Espada, must do when you are booked at Eagle Point)

Try Eagle Points Espada, just add vinegar, garlic rice, fried eggs and kamatis...yummmmmy

Eagle Point Anilao
guests having fun at the tiny Cathedral just a few meters from the resort

Eagle Point Anilao
Fish feeding frenzy daily at the house reef

Eagle Point Anilao
Turtles can be seen occasionally, tip, start diving early in the mornings

Eagle Point Website and e-Booking, click here

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