Its Shoaltime, Dive Moalboal

Jun Lao Photographer Moalboal Sardine School
they're back and here to stay

An immense sardine shoal have always been residents of Panagsama beach but by 2008 to 2010, the population balloned to a billion strong school that they took residence at Pescador Island. By late 2011 till early 2013, the Sardines suddenly disappeared...
(some say due to an earthquake, others by Napoles like fish capitalists) ... but in reality, the diminished school at the time was residing at Rondo point, a divesite with terrible visibility due to nearby islands soil topography... where they have been quietly multiplying in numbers. Fast forward August 2013, they have once again come back to Panagsama beach... below are some photos of the growing Sardine population. Are they here to stay? Only time will tell...

Shoaltime by Jun V Lao
you get lucky sometimes :D
Moalboal now is almost complete. Why almost... a decade ago, school of hammerheads and various sharks used to reside at Pescador Island. I sit here, pensive... wishing I could have been diving much earlier. The only option to see wonders like this is to do an insanely expensive trip to Layang Layang, Cocos Islands or Galapagos. Imagine if the Philippine government or LGU's had the foresight to protect our oceans much earlier, the rewards in tourism would have been outstanding.

Jun V Lao, Underwater Photgraphy
Published on Asian Diver, April 2014

Shoaltime by Jun V Lao
amazing shapes in an epic wildlife show

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Beyond what could have been, Moalboal continues to amaze as it is the only dive spot in the planet where you can consistently see millions of schooling fish daily. It is a once in a lifetime experience one must not miss.

What to expect... heres the shortlist of sites to go to if you can only afford a few dives (whether it be  'time' or 'money' issues)
> Panagsama- Sardines
> Airport- Light Plane Wreck
> Tonggo Point- Turtles galore
> Pescador Island- Giant frogfish, reef fish, The Cathedral
> Macro- consult your local dm

Where to stay, there are so many options in Moalboal. Backpackers can get P600 fan rooms at Panagsama beach area but do not expect much. The average twin room costs around P2500 while a bit further, 5 star accommodations from Club Serena start at P3500 per person, no food. 

Getting there, do check out my old post on our 2012 visit to Moalboal

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Nice homestay option Christyleh, peeps, check out her link, just Php1500 for 4 pax... good for backpackers, those who want to do their own food