The Tiny Beast - OrcaTorch D820V Dive Light Review

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The D820V is a Tiny Beast of an underwater torch light which packs a powerful beam, has long battery life and loaded with thoughtful extras.
Let's go straight to the point here, there are really just two things people want to know from a reviewer of a gadget after testing it and they are, 1. Will you, the reviewer ever purchase the product for your own purposes and 2. Will you wholeheartedly recommend it to friends...and having used the OrcaTorch D820V over the weekend in Moalboal Cebu, I am definitely sold on it plus yes, it may be the next best torch light you will buy and here are the reasons why...
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D820V up close. Big things come in tiny packages, pack light without sacrificing light
When I first unboxed the D820V, I went hmmmmm, the light is tiny, it might be great for tourist divers, probably another dive light with a strong but narrow beam (dive shop rental lights in mind) but once turning it on and fiddling with it for half an hour, I knew this was a serious torch light which can benefit technical divers and underwater photographers/videographers from beginner to serious enthusiast level.
dive light, underwater light, scuba toys, scuba review, underwater torch light
Compact design with a very premium feel, Double O-rings secure the battery
As a diver quite serious in above average quality underwater imaging, my first concerns beyond how strong the light is if  the light emitted from the torch produced an undesirable 'hotspot' and wanted the beam to be wide enough so you get a more comprehensive view when diving caverns, caves or wrecks. It was a pleasant surprise how such a tiny torchlight produced a powerful yet wide beam of light, plus no 'hotspot'. 
Screenshot from Youtube Video in cloudy White balance at 25 meters in 4 meter visibility at Pescador Island's Cathedral Cavern

The D820V is rated at 1600 lumens with a 120 degree beam and upon testing, it looks as if it even exceeded how wide it was rated. Below is a quick video taking the light down at The Cathedral at Pescador Island, where not only was it subjected to bad visibility and murky green water, it pleasingly cut through unsettled water like a champ. Below is an actual video of the D820V in action which performed very well despite the unfavourable turbid conditions brought about by the habagat season.
Video of the Orca Torch D820V in action at the Cathedral at Pescador Island

Beyond having a main light which throws a powerful yet pleasing beam, the D820V also has two other premium features for serious photographer enthusiasts which are 1. having a red light for shy subjects and 2. a UV light for black light underwater applications. Having both features housed in a tiny package makes this tiny beast a one stop underwater lighting solution for any diver.

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Red light you'll find useful when you want to focus on shy marine subjects
Scuba Diving, Underwater Photography
Having a Red light enables you to capture mating Mandarin fishes. Without one, if shined with regular light, the subjects go back into hiding. 

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Black light photography underwater, another premium feature not found in other torches

Scuba diving, Underwater Photography, Philippines, Wildlife Photography
Blacklight Photography with the D820V

Behind the scenes, flash lighting up the scene with the D820V as backdrop

Super Macro sample using only the D820V

While continuous light (torch lights) come up with lesser details than strobes (hard light),
it is a great substitute for strobes when they fail or an inexpensive alternative solution for once a year enthusiasts.
Tech divers will be pleased to know that the dive light is rated at 150 meters and the battery chamber is sealed by double o-rings, ensuring the D820V can survive pressures beyond 5 atmospheres.

The D820V charging is done via a USB port which further reduces excess baggage and fear of loosing the 'proprietary' charger is a thing of the past. The D820V is an example how led technology has gone so advanced in recent years and it's quite nice that OrcaTorch was able to build something so compact yet can still emit powerful and desirable light. 
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forget about leaving that proprietary charger, the D820V charges via USB
Finally, the D820V houses a 5,000 mah battery. During our test, the torch light lasted two full dives (close to 50 minutes each) at full power and half of the third dive prompted me to switch to half power. This is quite a delight as most torches in the market lasts only one dive at full power.

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Lasts a long long long time...
Again, if asked if I will get the OrcaTorch D820V, I already ordered two plus with the reasons stated above, OrcaTorch has certainly delivered an all around winning torch light here in a small yet powerful package

Specsheet Summary

1600 lumens- Yes
Depth rating till 150 meters- Yes
Red light- Yes
UV Light- Yes
USB Charging- Yes
Premium Chassis- Yes
 Battery- 5,000mah- Yes

SRP upon writing: USD259

Get in touch with OrcaTorch group by clicking here for more inquiries about the D820V

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