Diving with Great White Sharks

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Great White Sharks in the movies are casted as man eaters, but in truth find humans a bit too bony and fat free to be considered as a treat, find out more

Steven Spielberg via Peter Benchley's best selling novel Jaws intoduced the Great White Shark as one of the most feared Man Eating monsters in human history. While the highly acclaimed 70s movie  made tons of money and won a slew of cinematic praise while making this shark appear like Public enemy No. 1 to the People of the World, the Great White is one of the sexiest Sharks you will ever lay your eyes on in your lifetime and they absolutely don't find humans tasty at all...

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A Great White Shark has a super power, do you know what it is?
It was a blast to see Great Whites in their element with Rodney Fox Expeditions via Singapore based agency LDA Travel. Andrew Fox, a rock star of sorts (same as Dad Rodney) who appeared many times on the Discovery Channel and a slew of popular Shark documentaries was kind enough to give us nightly comical presentations about their close to two decades of research, conservation efforts and amazing photos and videos of Great White Sharks. From those fun filled-fact based nightly sessions, sharing some highlights of the oceans's most misunderstood and media exploited apex predator...

Fact 1:  You are more likely to die from cycling rather than being bitten by a Great White Shark

The Fox team presented us a fun table of the odds being bitten by a Great White Shark vs other incidents such as drowning, cycling, being hit by lightning and other everyday things. I've found a site which mirrors what was presented to us...Don't get me wrong, Great Whites are predators, but the chances of being eaten or bitten by one (as gravely misinterpreted by the movie Jaws and sensationalist online news portals) is close to Nil.
Florida museum statistic on Shark attacks, click here

Fact 2: Females are way bigger than males

Males grow to an adult size of 11 feet to 13 feet while Females reach 15 to 16 feet reaching sexual maturity. I wouldn't really want to dig deeper about this Sexual Dimorphism but if if you're left hanging, there is always google search to appease your curiosity on this matter...

Re (pronounced Rey), Trip Director measures a male who was roughly 10 feet in length

Fact 3:  Ladies start having babies by age 33

Latest studies share that Great White females can only start having babies by age 33 and pregnancies last a long 11 months. Males on the other hand become sexually active much earlier starting age 26. The weird part here is Females live only till their early 40's  (7 year itch comes to mind) while Males... 70 years. No wonder these sharks are on the Vulnerable species list...

Buffy, a fifteen foot sexy female behemoth is just the right age to give birth to future White Sharks

Fact 4: Great White Sharks literally and figuratively have a 'Sixth Sense'

Whats your super power, Great White Sharks beyond sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing have another Super power... Electroreception. 

What is Electroreception you may ask? The super power enables Great White Sharks to detect electrical currents derived from animal and fish movements. To further clarify, at hospitals, electorcardigram machines track the electricity from human heartbeats... got it? sure you did :)

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My Super Power is Electroreception, Whats yours?
Fact 5: Cavity free lives

Great Whites sport pearly white teeth like forever by loosing and regrowing hundreds of teeth throughout their lifetime, pretty cool
Colgate Free Smiles

There are a ton more fun facts about Great White Sharks but instead of just discussing facts and theories all day, don't you want to see one live? 
Live at the Neptune Islands Square Garden
Getting To the Neptune Islands for some Great Whites Live...

I've already discussed how to get here in my last post Diving With Seals at Hopkins Islands. Its simply joining Rodney Fox Great White Expedition Tours where you start your journey at Port Lincoln, South Australia. We at PaparazSea will gladly assist in taking you there and must do a side trip for some Kangaroos and Koalas at Glen Forest National Park  
will be missing you
wait, there's More

here is the customary trip video with a Spoonman soundtrack for its music bed, my tribute to one of the greatest rock/grunge legends of all time Chris Cornell, 

also sharing our silly Glen Forest Selfie Koala-Roo trip pre Great White Shark Expedition, must do stop while in Port Lincoln

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