Frogfish of the Giant kind and more cool critters in Bauan

Photographer Jun V Lao
A Giant Frogfish lurks at a dark corner of the reef in Bauan Batangas, Emi explores with fascination

In the early 90's, Bauan Batangas was probably the main base for most Manila divers when the roads to Anilao were still being completed. Currently, the area caters mostly to newly certified divers since most resorts in the area have house reefs very suitable for dive training plus resort packages for weekend overnighters bundled with unlimited shore diving are great deals for those who want to master their skills underwater. I used to dive the area a lot in 2009 and vividly remember the colorful coral overhangs of Pinnacle and Ligpo Island plus the numerous cave swim throughs in the area and decided to do a revisit... 

Here is a photo set from YY Chia on his take of the area, just hit play

A supposed one day sojourn led to another...and another and finally for all my 2014 year end trips, I made Bauan my base since it suited my love for colorful seascapes plus having access to the sites via shore entry made it convenient for me to go anytime I wish. Below are just several photos I took while staying  in Bauan, I've yet to post process several hundred more...
Photography by Jun V Lao
Turtle ahoy
Fan corals of Pinnacle

Phtoographer Jun V Lao PaparazSea
Cavern at Ligpo

Getting there...
Just contact these dive resorts through the links provided

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