Two Cool Wreck Dives in Anilao Batangas

Wreck Panorama by Jun V Lao
A delightfully intact wreck found in Batangas

The most well known wreck in Batangas would hands down go to Daryl Laut, a former floating casino in the late 70's or early 80s. Locals shared the barge was allegedly sunk for failing to meet target revenues... so the rumor was the owners set in on fire to claim for insurance (typical story for failed investments). While its the most frequented wreck in the Anilao-Bauan area, only but a shell remains. Roughly an hour away by speedboat from Daryl Laut, another wreck exists which is prettier and in reasonably good shape. 

The San Luis Wreck was sunk in the early 90's.  It was a fishing boat ready to retire, where maintenance proved to be too expensive so its owners who were avid divers as well decided to lay it to rest in front of Rockport resort, where in the early 90's was one of the more famous dive resorts in the Batangas area.

The wreck via shore entry is roughly 200M from the resort, expect to to do a 150M swim and at 22M the first thing you see will be the stern with the bow settling at around 28M. Visibility during the time of our dives was 3M max so was forced to take several photos and stitch them up. Marine life seen in 5 dives was a black tip shark resident below the stern (seen twice in the afternoons) and a huge turtle seen once  in the morning with the usual lionfish, parrotfish, batfish, wrasses and glassfish who were regulars of the pub during all the dives, making it a great alternative dive weekend for Manila divers.

Jun Lao PaparazSea
Daryl Laut for comparison...only a shell remains

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For those interested...below is a map and contact number of Seasport Park and Drive (formerly Rockport Resort)  where the wreck can be accessed via shore dive. approximately 30 minutes from Anilao pier, 10 minutes from Ligpo island
contact Seasport Park and Dive

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