Get Wet Prenup? Yup here you go

Wedding Photography by Jun V Lao
underwater love anyone?

May 13, 2013, post election day. Out of ten of us on that prenuptial shoot, only Dior's mom & awesome make up artist Faye Young's niece Medinna showed signs of casting their ballots the previous day (index finger as telltale). While the contenders were keeping tab of the circus which is politics, we were having our own little fun in Anilao.

The Costales-Paulino underwater prenupt was postponed for several months since we have planned to do this at sea in Batangas, whose waters were close to ice cold since January till early April of this year, we decided to move it mid May during Coy Costales' birthday and the couples anniversary. On the day of the shoot though, I shared to Coy & Dior a pool session will be more fruitful since the day will be devoted to both topside and underwater scenes and those who have undergone prenuptial sessions know it can be quite draining, compounded further by the scorching summer heat.
Wedding Photography by Jun V Lao
underwater kiss

It maybe one hot hot hot day but met some cool peeps, Ralph & Al  who were the principal topside photographers & awesome Faye Young, whose make up art will blow you away...all of us throwing ideas to one another the whole day. Much kudos to Coy and Dior for being awesome... it was like they were doing underwater modeling for a living, it was such a delight to play with the soon to be newlyweds while Faye's fantastic underwater mermaid Keisha kept me pre-occupied while topside photos were being done. Here was yesterdays fun fun shoot. If this were an election, I wont mind voting over...and over... and over.... also, Happy birthday to the groom and happy anniversary guys :D
Wedding Photography by Jun V Lao
wine anyone?

Make up by Faye Young...
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