Amazing Hairy Frogfish Growth Spurt

pretty cool seeing this tiny guy grow before your very eyes...

No one discusses it but there is such a thing as death by flash. Imagine a tiny creature being bombarded by ultra bright bursts of light for around 30x in 3 minutes. I can vividly remember in February 2012, there were four resident hairy frogfishes in Secret Bay which were bombarded, and disappeared by March. ,,,

Same thing happened in Coconut dive site in July, where a gorgeous adult pair  & a black hairy one were spotted… and was gone by August. Hoping more photographers may practice pre-shooting on coral rather than practicing on the subject to preserve it for future photographers who have invested a lot to visit Anilao.

Anyway, was quite happy to see our hairy frogfish friend again. I had the chance to see it in January and it was nice seeing it blossom into an ultra hairy beauty. Noticeable changes  are the color has shifted from redish to pale orange, probably to match its algae filled home as frogfishes are known take color of the habitat it chooses. Here are some photos of it juvenile stage to its current shaggylicious look…
three month growth spurt
What delighted me was frogfishes can apparently grow six times its juvenile size in just over three months or it has been doubling in size every 30 days. What was running through my mind then was so do frogfishes lifespan reach around but 6-8 months only?... but there was this yellow clown frogfish also in Basura who I’ve also seen as a juvenile and is still happily roaming around as an adult after 8 months. The most obvious question though is, are we talking about the same hairy frogfish here. Bellow are photos I took with similar angles of its juvenile and adult stage. Clearly, a critter which has grown six times its size will obviously have stretched markings. Closer inspection on the eyes shows similar marks from juvenile to sexy adult stage.

Its always a delight to see hairy frogfishes, but was an awesome journey seeing how a cutesy juvenile can blossom into a shaggylicious adult. I do hope that more underwater photographers may practice responsible shooting (poking, number of shots taken, kindly do not move) to ensure other divers may also experience and take home souvenirs (pictures only please) of this wonder of nature.


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