Get Your Team Diving

Jun V Lao, Underwater Photography

Scuba Diving is one of the best activities for friends and corporate teams. While Scuba Diving is viewed as a hobby of the elite, it is much more than just a past time for the rich and famous. These are things to consider why you should get your team Scuba Diving today

1. The Ocean needs more ambassadors. 

Pollution, Overfishing, Climate change. As a certified scuba diver, you and your team get to be one of the eyes of the ocean, where every Fun adventure exposes you to more issues concerning our seas, you may play a more active role by sharing your experiences firsthand
  Jun V Lao, Conversation PhotographyJun V Lao, Conversation PhotographyJun V Lao, Conservation Photography
Zambales dynamite fishing, Pasil Cebu and Dampa illegal fishing trade ©Jun V Lao

2. With great Fun Comes Great Responsibility

You need to work closely as a team to enjoy Diving fully. Learning Scuba instills Discipline, Teamwork and unleashes Deep Thinking. Its really easy with the right instructor and facilitator. Being in corporate for close to 20 years and having 5,000 dives (inclusive of conservation work and ocean tours) under our belt, we can tailor fit a program specific to your team and align it with your goals for the year.
Jun V Lao, Scuba Diving, PADI
Work as a team, Fun As a Team

3. Conquer your fears, Build Confidence and Self esteem

There is no better way to increase your productivity than being able to conquer the unknown which leaves you more confident and .... Happy (seriously). Learning Scuba is surprisingly so easy with a buddy and supportive friends. Scuba imprints Patience, Discipline and Method...something you and your team can apply with any career or business your in right now

Jun V Lao, Learn Scuba
Patience, Discipline, Method= Scuba ©Charlie Ledesma

4. Scuba Diving has become more affordable, not just a rich man's sport

Just like budget airlines, Scuba Diving is now more affordable than ever. Consider that the Philippines is consistently among the top 5 diving areas on Planet Earth, it would be quite sad if you wont consider exploring this for yourself. Instead of flying out for a holiday to Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia,. Vietnam or Hong Kong, seeing Nemo and experiencing our pristine coral reefs is more exciting and definitely a must do in one's lifetime. Don't forget to take selfies, we take pics of you and your team too.

Jun V Lao, PaparazSea
Scuba Diving is within everyones reach

5. Provide Alternative livelihood for fishermen

Lets face it, the Philippines seas have been abused for so many years. With illegal fishing boats from overseas to dynamite fishing by local fishermen, we cant blame them, they need to eat. Going diving helps provide an alternative livelihood for fishermen, keeping our Oceans more healthy with more fish.

Selling Sharks in Romblon, Dampa sshark trade, Dumaguete corals pluckes ©jun V Lao

Do get in touch with us today. We have several Team Building programs to choose from, from First Time Scuba Diving packages to Open Water Diving to Advance certification. We will prescribe the best program with the time available to you. Contact 0915-9473888 / 0947-581-1997 or email us at

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