Baby Turtles via Pawicare Conservancy Trip Report

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A surprising unplanned encounter with baby sea turtles. Do you want to see them live and get a chance to witness Sea Turtles laying eggs in the this
I went to Zambales as a speaker for a Marketing Seminar and prior the talk, I took an early morning walk at the beach which was a stones throw away from our seminar venue, a few minutes into my walk, I saw some baby turtles heading out to sea...
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Baby sea turtles are wired to run towards the brightest light source, was a super cool moment for me, this was my first time to see baby turtles march towards a new life at sea

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It was quite a sight to see sea turtles, olive ridely species marching down the sand and slowly being swallowed by the gentle waves.
I excitedly tried to find where the turtles originated from and a couple of students were helping out in ensuring the release of the uber cute baby turtles

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Students who volunteered in carefully releasing the turtles to the ocean

Pawicare has been San Narciso's conservation program for Wild Sea Turtles running for several years now and Arnel champions the cause ensuring this environmental initiative maintains it's continuous happy narrative, in fact, the effort has been going on for six years now and they have managed to successfully assist and release thousands of young hatchlings into the ocean.

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The Turtles came marching down from this Turtle Hatchery which was a conservation initiative from the LGU and local Arnel

The backstory of Pawicare is the sandy shores of San Narciso are perfect conditions for turtles to nest their eggs. Season of Turtles laying their eggs on San Narciso shores starts around October and Peaks at December, where one has the highest opportunity to see Female turtles at night, climbing San Narciso's shoreline and lays eggs at the wee hours of the night.

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I couldn't resist taking a selfie with was hard, cellphones cameras focus constantly and these babies marched on like tiny soldiers
Due to the influx of tourists in San Narciso and the steady increase of Surfers in the area, there are times the grounds where the Female turtles have laid their eggs are accidently stepped on by the tourists, affecting the number of hatchlings. Pawicare for six years has been there ensuring the turtle eggs are protected during its a month in a half to two month incubation period.

Here is a short video of the baby turtle hatchlings which was a six hour wait for us

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