Discover the Tiniest Beach Front Hotel in Anilao, really pretty cool

The market for tiny hotels worldwide has met a boom in recent years thanks to an increasing population of Digital Nomads, a subset of seasoned travelers making a living by sharing their travels online. While the Capsule Hotels of Japan and The Central Hotel in Copenhagen lay claim to be the smallest hotels in the World, Stueys Place may probably be the Tiniest Beach Front Hotel you may find in Anilao Batangas or probably even the rest of Asia.

While his tiny beach front resort only offers lodging at the moment, Scuba divers may do DIY diving, where Stuey or his wife Joy arranges a boat for you with tanks on board, arriving at their tiny sea shore front which is awesome for seasoned divers who are used to exploring the ocean at their own pace.
Jun V Lao Photography
Plan your own diving with Stuey and Joy, a tiny gateway for you to get to explore Anilao's divesites
Jun V Lao Photography
Massive Rainbow Runner baitball taken today (Nov 1, 2016) at the Sunview Dive site, only 15 minutes by boat from Stuey's
Jun V Lao, Underwater Photography
Beneath Stueys beach front is world famous Basura Dive site, a prolific site for tiny wildlife

Explore Stueys Place Underwater by clicking here

The resort has two beautifully laid out rooms, which has a great view of the ocean. Stueys Place is approximately just 250 square meters total in size, but the way Stuey and wife Joy designed the resort makes it a perfect getaway for Couples looking for a quiet ocean adventure while Digital Nomads can relax and enjoy the sound of waves pounding gently its tiny shore while posting their previous and ongoing adventures in Anilao via fast 4G wifi 
View from the second floor balcony
Jun V lao Photography
All you need, a comfy bed, AC, private toilet and step out the room and see the ocean
The very cozy ocean view dining area where 8-10 guests can comfortably share stories over coffee or tea
little artful touches leaves Big impressions

A bit about the owner Stuey,,, a native of Jersey Island UK, he has been in and out of the Philippines since 2009 but fell in love with Anilao and made it his second home. Also finding love with Filipina wife Joy, he rented a local apartment in the San Jose district where he spent the winter season but it wasn't till 2015 when he decided to put up his own cool tiny place which he designed and built with his own hands. He is also a PADI scuba instructor who can get you certified as a scuba diver...  plus, he really is an all around great guy.

Stuey and Joy, Nov 1, 2016

Awesome aerial video by Benson, follow him via this embeded video

If this place piqued your interest, do get in touch with Stuey or Joy by liking their Facebook page while messaging them for more info...

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