Lost Passport in Paradise? Next Steps

Dont Freak out just yet if you lost your passport, Here are the next steps to take...

I've skipped 3 dives already managing a diver who has lost her passport. :(  Its quite a nightmare losing one, coupled with the fact your stuck on a remote island hours away from the city. While waiting for the local police to arrive, i decided to share the steps to take when you accidently misplace one, this was specific to a remote island in the Philippines.

Don't stress, It's quite simple really

1. Google- Lost Passport and country of origin

2. Call your local Embassy asap, inform them of the incident

3. While googling, the steps were very similar throughout all countries, most require the following
    a. Police report of the incident
    b. Copy of Air Ticket arrival and departure date
    c. Copy of Passport
    d. Must personally present yourself to your respective ambassadors

3. UPDATE: If there are no police in the area, a local report filed under the Barangay/ Local Town officials will suffice as a record for airlines,

Most embassies are based in Manila, so the Barangay report will allow you to fly to Manila with the report and fix it from there

4. A Lawyers affidavit will also be helpful as it can provide a template for the police once in Manila, especially in developing countries where at times need guidance on what to write or in short, lessen the often loooong discussions which we want to avoid, in short, we think for them.

4. Keep Photo files of your Passport and Plane ticket in a private album on Facebook, Flickr or whatever photo file you are using for easy retrieval whenever needed. A photo copy helps as well

Will still see how this incident unfolds, but initial steps maybe helpful in the future for anyone who might happen to do lose their passport.

Update: Everything is fine after five days

1. Absence of police on a remote island, no worry, Barangay/Town head report good enough
2. Airport/Airline allowed passenger to fly from Cebu to Manila without official passport as embassy was based in Manila only.

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