Reverse Ring Macro, A Thomas Shahan technique since 2005

Jun V Lao, Underwater Macro Photography
reverse ring macro is about patience and rocking back and forth... manual all the way
Over the weekend, i decided to rediscover my passion for the tiny, looking into Thomas Shahan use of reverse ring lens set up bundled with extension tubes which he has been using for his amazing insect photography since 2005.
For the first time in years, I really had fun shooting with a technique which truly appealed to me, less of the modern day gimmicks, just an old reliable method of insanely close working distances &  challenging paper thin depth of field, giving a fresh & surreal perspective and intense bokehliciousness to portraits of insect sized proportions. 
Jun V Lao, Jun Lao, Paparazsea
control this...
Below is a personal set. Some would call them novelty shots, which they are...and I shot all of them for sheer personal pleasure. The activity was so similar to stopping by your local fishball stand, it was cheap, tasty and satisfies the appetite. 
Jun Lao, Jun V Lao, PaparazSea
devilishly bokehlicious
Paparazsea, underwater photography, learn scuba, manila, Jun V Lao
Shrimp to the upper left
PaparazSea, Jun V Lao
Portrait of a Lizardfish using flipped lenses

Jun Lao, Jun V Lao, Paparazsea
its not for everyone, but hey... try if you can...

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great showcase, will get back to you Jun soon