Get Wet on Valentines Day

make valentines extra special.for your loved one..

Valentines is one of those days of the year where you are compelled to surprise and do something different, extra special if you may. If you're in a relationship, its coming up with the ultimate gesture of your commitment...

 If you're single, you'd like to share thats its actually more fun standing by your own. Either Or... you just want to share to the world that you've spent Valentines discrepant from the norm of flowers and chocolates... and Getting Wet during Valentines is definitely distinctive and uncommon.

While your other friends have googled their way trying to find the best restaurants, flight tickets to Paris or buying that lavish handbag or jewelry, getting wet can prove to be something more novel, exciting and surprising.

Now how to 'Get Wet' during Valentines, Here are 5 ideas how you can consecrate Happy Hearts Day discordant from the herd...

1. Book for the Ultimate Dive Holiday
While your friends are posting their dates in New York, London or Paris, Booking a trip to see sharks in the Caribbean, Mantas in Maldives or just explore the Philippines 7,100 islands and find your trip, expect nothing but the ultimate adrenaline rush. The big bonus during dive holidays is you're guaranteed fun boat rides en route to the dive sites and as the day ends, expect sunkissed beaches waiting for you.  Guaranteed, the tons of photos you post will keep your friends drooling and top their attempts to be the best valentines day date/holiday.

2. Go on a Critter Hunt

Nothing beats seeing Animals do their thing in the wild and the Philippines is just blessed with so many colorful critters. Hire a dive guide and ask them to take you to see Mandarin Fishes. Every 5pm, these colorful dragonets congregate to consummate their love. Its a spectacular show, its something you should experience once in your lifetime. 
Underwater Macro Photographer

3.  Portraits Underwater

Sometimes you just have no time to do those underwater trips, but the nearby pool can be a great studio. Taking your date for an underwater photo shoot can be a fun and rewarding endeavor.

Weddings Underwater

4. Selfies Underwater (for singles)

Its the best way to share to your ex I have moved on. It simply shouts out I am free to do what I want and I'm enjoying my life, my way.
Turtle Selfie

5. Underwater Parties (for groupies)

Buy a wig, bring down a mirror ball, have fun with your go pro and call your friends for an Underwater Party and drink lots of beer afterwards and post your silliest photos with the funniest captions... that's sure to make Valentines Day all the more interesting :)

Dauin Dumaguete

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