Sipadan 2011 with trip guru Albert Kang

My first yawning frogfish, taken under the Seaventures Dive Rig

This was my second big dive trip in my lifetime. After Palau, I just got addicted and started throwing money at dive trips. All I can say about Sipadan is its Turtle heaven (at the time). It was my second time seeing a huge battery of Chevron Barracuda (my first was in Bohol in 2009),  was the fist time I used my at the time brand new spanking Olympus XZ1 and my first time to use a strobe (lots of firsts...i know).
My First Nudibranch taken with Strobe

Blue Marlin bones off Turtle Tomb, Sipadan
Unlucky turtles get lost in Turtle Tomb and end up 
Sunset at the Rig
Albert and his buddy turtle

I loved the camera and shooting artificial light came naturally to me. While the pics were awesome, the video was really bad and doing manual white balance was a pain compared to Canon compacts (one touch). I didn't have a wide angle lens at the time which I should have gotten. Below some of my first photos using strobe and a video (with no wb) documenting what its like to dive Mabul, Kapalai and Sipadan. Much thanks to Albert Kang for arranging the trip and Sea Ventures was an awesome base (so convenient and at center) during my dives here

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