Jeepney Underwater, latest wreck in Anilao

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Fancy diving through a Philippine Jeepney? Find one in Anilao today

The Philippine Jeepney can be many things... A Pop icon, a symbol of failure to move on, a dysfunctional cultural heritage, but as a scuba diver, wouldn't it be cool to see one underwater...
Night dive at the Jeepney wreck with Sir Al, owner of Pier Uno Dive Resort Anilao

The jeepney wreck is down there thanks to the efforts of some regular clients  of Pier Uno Dive resort who spearheaded the initiative to add another deep sea attraction for anyone diving in Anilao
Scuba diving, philippines, anilao, paparazsea
Scuba Instructor Ryan Ecija wishes the wreck had tires

.... and the deeper purpose obviously here was to provide a new home (refuge) for our fishy friends.

Scuba diving, anilao, underwater, photography
Took a selfie with it lol

Where is it located you may ask?... its but a stones throw away from Pier Uno House reef, settled at 15-20 feet deep pending tides. Booking at Pier Uno and doing a shore entry easily gets you there. 

My student Ken agrees, having tires would have made this jeepney way cooler

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