Blackwater Diving in Anilao with Squires Bingham Sports

Scuba Diving, Underwater Photography, Jun V Lao, PaparazSea
Think you've done it all as a diver...try Blackwater diving with Squires Bingham Sports...It's an In too deep late night adventure not for the faint of heart. Vanessa shooting a cool jelly

I consider myself super lucky experiencing my first proper Blackwater dive with Gutsy, Vani and Nick, having done not just one dip, but had seconds too. Just to keep it short, started our first dive roughly at around 2000 and ended the sojourn at 2330 where we literally jumped in the middle of the deep blue part of Janao Bay with only lights to guide us from beneath.

Scuba Diving, Underwater Photography, Blackwater, Jun V Lao, PaparazSea
The legend Scott Gutsy Tuason shows us how Blackwater Underwater Photography is done, here he is seen shooting some Argonauts

Scuba Diving, Underwater Photography, paparazsea, Jun V Lao
The Lights guides you from a seemingly bottomless pit, Gutsy probably at 30M here (lights as reference)

While I usually share how it's done, It's not my place to do so, I was "saling pusa" and just very thankful for the 'solid' experience.

Scuba Diving, Underwater Photography, Jun V Lao
Masterpiece as always by Gutsy Tuason

Diving is actually filled with many personalities, some sweet, others snotty, a lot are 'feeling'..(you get the drift), but Gutsy, despite his 'legend' stature is actually one of the nicest guys you will meet (definitely a super cool dude), where everyone who knows him is sure to agree to this fact. 

Scuba Diving, Underwater Photography, PaparazSea, Jun V Lao
Scott and Vani minding their own business shooting critters suspended in deep water

Do drop a line to him at Squires Bingham Sports (landline (02) 856 3322or book a session with Bambu Villa Resort, if your finding a new high in diving and are also into underwater macro photography, the original Blackwater Dives are sure to rock your world. Don't get intimidated, give them a call, I guarantee you will enjoy immensely this outworldly diving experience.

Video: Double Black Dives, Oct 20, 2018 with Squires Bingham Sports
Video light used- Orca Torch 820V
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