Underwater Scooters available right now in the Philippines

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Consumer rated deep propulsion vehicles are fun and surprisingly way more affordable nowadays, check them out...

Was personally quite surprised to know that Underwater Scooters, a.k.a. D.P.V's (deep propulsion vehicles) are now readily available in the Philippines at a price I never expected. Just a short trip to R.O.X. in BGC and you can actually check out some existing and upcoming fun toys

The Sublue underwater scooter is a tiny consumer rated D.P.V. which can pull you 4.5 knots/9km/h at a depth of 100 feet+.

Anyway, had loads of fun trying out several of these consumer rated D.P.V.'s which were all very cool riding experiences. The first video shared above is an upcoming tiny underwater scooter, The Sublue, which surprisingly gets you zipping the ocean at around 9 km/h, equivalent to 4.5 knots which is quite quick underwater and can run continuously for 30 minutes with a 4 hour recharge cycle time. The coolest thing about it is its tiny size and weight, you can actually take it as a hand carry on an airline, that's how small it is.

Available now is the Yamaha line of Underwater Scooters

If you are wondering why Yamaha Seascooters have an uncanny resemblance with Seadoo consumer rated DPV's, it's because Yamaha actually now owns Seadoo and has been enhancing their products for more consumer D.P.V. fun for quite a while now. While their models also reaches speeds of up to 9 km/h / 4.5 knots (the most comfortable speed for a casual ocean enthusiast), Yamaha seascooters are rated at 2.5 hours of continuous fun and can take you as deep as 100 feet+/-

PaparazSea, Underwater Photography, Scuba Diving Academy, Dive Philippines, Underwater Scooters, DPV, Deep Propulsion Vehicle
Straight out of the factory, these fun scooters are for friends and family looking to explore more Ocean with less effort

Finally, if you are probably wondering how much these fun toys cost?  

In the past, D.P.V. fun can set you back beyond the P100k mark which will make you think twice before owning one but the latest models shared have a price tag hovering around the P50k mark which personally made me go hmmmmm...

While certainly still a novelty, Underwater scooters are here to stay. The feeling is exactly like riding your motorbike on your favorite route on a lazy day, the only difference is the reefs and marine wildlife becomes your awesome back drop during every run.

Do check out these underwater scooters at R.O.X. or drop by the Yamaha SeaScooter Philippines page

p.s. Drive Responsibly 
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