The Scott Gutsy Tuason Limited Edition Watch is here, And the remaining numbers are...

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The Scott Gutsy Tuason Luminox watch with a  Limited production number of 100 is out by September

What makes for a great collectible watch you may ask. First it has to have the Trademark Signature of a Legend and second, a limited production run. 

The Gutsy Tuason-Luminox limited edition watch has a very attractive run of only a hundred pieces, which guarantees exclusivity of the ruggedly cool and beefy 44mm timepiece.

A Three decade backstory of authentic exploration and adventure is the heart and soul of each time piece

Owning a Scott Gutsy Tuason watch comes with a rich and authentic three decade backstory of underwater exploration and epic ocean adventures which puts many swiss watches 'manufactured narratives' to shame.

With that being said, I made a quick call to Glen of Squires and asked for the remaining serial numbers available and here's what's left for the picking as of posting...

From 1-10, all taken except #4
From 11-20- available #11, #15, #18, #19, #20
From 21-30- available #21, #23, #26
From #31-57  and #59 available, taken 58
From #60-68- available, taken-69
From #70-80- available
From-#81-90- available except 88-taken
From-#91-100- available except for 100-taken

Have a special number in mind, call Squires Bingham Sports today at 8563322 and make a reservation. and find yourself bringing home that sexy collectible timepiece by September. 
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