Verde Island 2017 Trip Report

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Verde Island's reefs explode with color juxtaposed surprise Marine Wildlife encounters daily. Where are the sharks and rays though, find out...
Frequently mentioned by scientists globally as the center of the center of Marine biodiversity, here are my thoughts about world famous Verde Island after jumping in here several times...

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Turtle diet comes from feasting on corals 

I personally find it strange why the center of marine biodiversity, while exploding with fish schools (anthias, jacks, mackerels, sweetlips, every juvenile reef fish species you can find on Finding Nemo) and filled with corals galore have minimal sightings of sharks, rays and other big fish fauna...

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Fan Corals everywhere in all shapes, colors and sizes
Verde Island dives may not yield Sharks and Rays since (a silly theory of mine) like a typhoon, its quite quiet within the eye of the storm. Another theory, commercial and passenger ships ply daily via the Verde Island passage, a major shipping route which might contribute to why Sharks and Rays stay away from the passage due to ... boat traffic.

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Giant Fan corals are everywhere
Maybe it was called the center because the scientists who set up camp at Verde Island two decades ago must have been better marketeers than their counterparts. Personally, I find it a bit quiet to be branded as the most diverse marine area on planet Earth (I dove eight countries so far, i'm no scientist but if its on a visual scale, Verde would be a 7/10), but make no mistake...every dive is teeming with schools of reef fish, which come out and play in denser numbers when currents are steadily flowing.

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Jackfish schools can be found a few meters away from the reef, they are
less dense but much bigger than their Anilao counterparts
an immense school of Mackerels sang for us the whole dive day
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Mandatory trip selfie with Wildlife

Verde Island diving is a must dive for every experienced diver for its clear waters, strong currents (its good fun once you're experienced and flying with the current) and go swooshing by the walls which are one of the most colorful reefs you will ever dive on Planet Earth.
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Diving with the Bell and Jay clan

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Verde Island facing Mindoro side,  beyond this side of San Agapito lies a fiesta of colors

Customary Trip Video
getting here..many options.

We offer day trip scuba diving tours to Verde Island four three dives
Itinerary: Leave 5am Manila- Arrive Batangas 8am- 30 min Verde Island
Dive 1, Dive 2, Lunch, Dive 3, Return Manila by 1600
price P4,800 per pax. Minimum 10 to go

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