The Perfect Blue, How?

Jun V Lao, Photography
Create Trending Ocean Blue Hues...Photoshop is your friend here, heres a quick way on how to bend reality...
Had a friend who messaged me asking about trending ocean hues. Here is my quick revert on how you can bend reality and be as fashionable with whats trending in the UW Photo circuit.

While I've cut loose on whats happening there and couldn't care less on who is back stabbing who this time around, I've amassed thousands of fair weathered photography friends through the years and I still see trending posts on my FB feed... ok, so lets start bending blues the simplest way using Photoshop CS6...

Jun V Lao, Underwater Photography
As the Camera saw it, Cloudy WB at around 30 feet with good sun, so so vis

Step 1: Go To Image Tab, Then Adjustments Tab, Then Hue/Saturation Tab

Jun V Lao, Underwater Photography

Step 2: Inside the Hue and Saturation tab, Select Cyan Tab

Jun V Lao, Underwater Photography

Step 3. Under Cyan Tab, Just Play with the sliders to get your desired Ocean Blue Hue, 

Here are various samples as influenced by the most followed peeps in the circuit...if too lazy to slide on your own, just copy the exact number value settings... provided our original pic is similar to each other...

Jun V Lao, Underwater Photography
UK Blue, 
trending most

Jun V Lao, Underwater Photography
Tonga Blue,
a classic favorite for big fish aficionados

Jun V Lao, Underwater Photography
Caribbean Blue,
mimicking the shallow waters of Stingray City

Jun V Lao, Underwater Photography
Tokyo Blue,
Jap divers love this hard blue tone
(ironic as they love pastel bokeh like images when it comes to macro)

Jun V Lao, Underwater Photography
Botswana Blue, (yah its green)
reminds you of diving with Crocs lol...was done in zest

Jun V Lao, Underwater Photography
Scuba Diver Girls Pink,
Use at your own discretion

If you personally ask me my preference, I will go for what the real color of the ocean was when I took it. The ocean can have all those HUES shared for real (except for the last one), but if you must and aim to please... thats how you bend the blues, yup its that easy... 

You can bend the blues further by selecting the Blue Tab instead of Cyan, plus make a final pass with Vibrance

The best things in life are FREE, cheers and have fun playing god :D

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