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Jun V Lao, Underwater Photography Scuba Diving
I found my first Hairy Frogfish in Nha Trang of all places...a 7 year late post

Jun V Lao, Underwater Photography, Scuba Diving
Used to be based in Ho Chi Minh from 2010- 2011 working for an Ad Media Agency, It was a time I was hired when I was just getting so hooked into Scuba and Underwater Photography. First thing I've checked before moving to Saigon is are there any good dive sites in Vietnam? Are they accessible for me? 

I'm sure your next question is, how is Diving in Vietnam? I'm attaching images which I've taken from around 100+ dives, I endured 12 hour one way weekend night bus rides from Saigon to Nha Trang almost weekly just to get to go Scuba and shoot. Just to summarize Nha Trang, you will not find Big Fish, but you will find plenty of Macro subjects...loads of it thought to be found only in Lembeh or Anilao. I'd like to think Nha Trang will be very similar to diving Taiwan, where while big fish is sparse (due to illegal fishing), there will be an abundance of surprising tiny marine wildlife. Here are a few proof of life pics taken around 15 dive sites around Nha Trang,

if you want to see all of my ugly fish pics, do drop by this old link, a photo journal with friends and icky old uw photos :P

Hairy Frogfish found in Nha Trang Vietnam

Dive Vietnam, Dive Nha Trang
Squadron of Firedarts by IZWAR ZAKRI

Jun V Lao, Scuba Diving, Underwater PhotographyJun V Lao, Dive VietnamJun V Lao, Dive VietnamJun V Lao, Dive Vietnam

Jun V Lao, Dive Vietnam
Flying Gurnard aboud, shore entry night dive

Jun V Lao, Dive Vietnam
Mushroom bay is host to lots of shrimps and Ghostpipe fishes

Jun V Lao, Dive Vietnam
Fantastic Nudibranches at the Lighthouse divesite, you have to go pretty deep though

Jun V Lao, Dive Vietnam
Another cool Nudi Glossodoris Pallida found at the lighthouse

Jun V Lao, Dive Vietnam
Hydatina Physis found just by shorediving the sandy beach front of Nha Trang
Macro life in Nha Trang is prolific since the seas are close to the Coral Triangle, plus dive at areas where fresh water meets the ocean plus a bit of human garbage, you're guaranteed to be able to capture the weird and beautiful wildlife of the oceans.

Nha Trang will be very memorable for me since this is where I got certified as an advanced and rescue diver during a long holiday, met a lot of awesome friends who are close to me till this day and in terms of diving, Its the first area where I got to find and shoot a hairy frogfish. 

Scuba Diving, Underwater Photography
shore diving for Hairy Frogfish with Jerome
Underwater Photography, Scuba diving Vietnam
Shrimp in Mouth fun with Dima
Jun V Lao

Dvie Vietnam
with my buddies, L-R, Jai, Luis, Thuan Asst, Thuan, Yusmar, Izwar

Update, one of my images taken in Nha Trang also landed as Photo of the day on Nat Geo on Oct 20, 2016, its like my hundreds of dives paid off after getting in here

Here is also the customary dive video/s which I post after every dive I make.

Getting to Nha Trang from Saigon
There are three ways going to Nha Trang from Saigon (distance 450km)

1. By Plane-45min (cost around usd80-usd100 rt) via Vietnam Airlines and Air Mekong

2. By Sleeper Train-8 hours (RT VND800 -USD40)

3. By Sleeper Bus- 10 hours which leaves Saigon 830pm and you arrive there 645-7am (VND400k RT USD20.5 as of June 2011) via Sinh Tourist or Hanh Cafe


Other Resource- http://www.nha-trang.net/eng/transport-to-get-to-nha-trang

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