Five Reasons Why You should dive at Casa Bahia Anilao

Find Wild Turtles, Rhinopias, enjoy awesome diving and capture epic sunsets with Casa Bahia Anilao
Anilao nowadays is world renowned as a macro destination but beyond the tiny creatures showcasing the immense biodiversity of the area, it has been the main hub for Metro Manila residents, old and first timers alike to experience scuba diving at its best . For new divers, finding the right resort can be a daunting task as there are over probably 60+/- resorts operating in Anilao. Here I'm sharing five reasons why Casa Bahia Anilao maybe your next stop when going diving in Anilao

1.  The owners are Avid divers
Jun V Lao, Underwater Photography
Eric, JunJun, Glenn with Thai partners Mike & Jane with DM Jury
While some resorts are owned by relatively old timers in the industry and treat it like "just another one of my businesses", long time owner Eric and friends have been diving every week and have been giving personal attention to their guests plus they themselves are very knowledgable where to find the smallest to big marine life in Anilao... something really cool.

Jun V Lao, Underwater Photography, Scuba Diving
Eric taking videos of an uber friendly turtle
Jun V Lao, Underwater Photography
Eric taking video of a giant frogfish

found Rhinopias Frondosa while diving with the Casa Bahia Gang...Awesome if you ask me

2. Get a Free video (if you're lucky enough to dive with the owners)

The owner and his friends are passionate videographers, chances are if not on a busy week, you will get to have a world class video of yourself diving  if you're lucky enough to get to be in a boat with them

3. The Food is Fantastic

I have no words for the food here, its like Mediterranean Filipino fusion cuisine (I'm not really a foodie, it was the best description I can provide as per my palette :) pero masarap talaga). Discover their special Hot Choco (to die for) and their Suso/Kuhol delicacy...(Pamatay sa sarap and will keep you coming back)

4. The Dive Shop is well laid out and a few paces from the sea

jun v lao
ocean ahoy...

Even with a full house, fun divers will delightfully find everything within their reach and everyone gets to enjoy their own space bubble while rinsing and drying their gears. Hop on your dive boat easily as the ocean is but a few steps away.

5. Fantastic ambiance and amazing staff

A picture is worth more than a thousand words, I need not say more....

Contact now Casa Bahia and experience the Casa Bahia Anilao personal touch..
You deserve a Casa Bahia Anilao holiday...

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I promise, the resort was simply fantastic and the diving was awesome, thanks really for the super weekend, cheers


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