Humans of Oslob

Jun Lao, Underwaterphotography, Oslob
While Whalesharks can be seen daily by the shores of Oslob. Humans also display funny behaviors daily here....

Instead of your usual Boycott Oslob post, I'd like to share my observations of the people who have associated themselves with the latest marine related Circus happening on Planet Earth, below are some of my thoughts on the Humans of Oslob...

A Study on Human Behavior
The controversial feeding...Love it, Hate, whats your take....

"Sense of Entitlement"... "Power Tripping"... "I-Care Hypocrite" are showcased by humans daily in Oslob...

Key human behaviors breakdown:

"Sense of Entitlement"- We are a group that cares much about the ocean and its creatures- Boycott Oslob by all means with matching condescending tone
(get the locals all hungry yes?, get them back to fishing? any better solution?)

"On A Power Trip"- Bantay Dagat/ Whaleshark marshall pulls forcibly poor snorkeler, photographer, I am Bantay Dagat, you went too close to the Whaleshark, I will throw you to Jail or pay me a bribe' rather fine
(empowered guy exercising his authority, so silly really)

"I-Care Hypocrite"-  Individual Posting his/her photo on facebook with Whaleshark... with caption: Please stop the feeding, it looks pitiful, its unnatural, boycott Oslob
(note: he/she on photo flashes big smile with gang like hand signs flashed on the photo)

A Study on Human Behavior
Funny Humans, I go eat now

Concerned citizens of Oslob may not change the accidental tourism economy happening there anymore. Maybe what they may do is spearhead immediately replacing the small wooden boats with rubber boats/ dinky's, to further prevent Whaleshark injuries as exhibited on photo above- play a more active role by implementing solutions,.. or design a jetty (of course will meet opposition form the fishermen, thats another story)...

Hello funny Humans
If these local marshals, bantay dagat are to serve, make sure they screen them to be more polite, extend proper courtesy befitting a Bantay Dagat

I-care hypocrites, simply DONT GO yes, go shopping and post your latest designer item or gadget to get likes

For me, I just want to take my photos of Whalesharks, its the best place to get really close with them, just dont touch ...again, Look....snap photos...but dont touch ok, cheers

Haven't seen Whalesharks, get a guaranteed whaleshark sighting in Oslob, Have Fun, I know I did.. many times
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