Meet the Tiniest Dragons to walk (swim) the planet

We found Seadragons in Basura with Bebot Esteban and posted this first

Meet the tiniest dragons the world has ever known, with an astounding 2mm size, Lembeh Seadragons win the world record as the smallest dragons to have ever lived the planet. The tiniest dragons were first believed to be endemic to Lembeh Indonesia but just a week ago, we found these guys in Anilao.

the story...

It was just another weekend diving the Basura divesite and with cooler waters gone, not much was to be seen, but Bebot stumbled upon the Seadragons and motioned me to come, being the macro nerd that I am (a regular at Fins group, Indonesian blogs), it didn't take me long to identify they were Lembeh Sea Dragons. Spent like 30 minutes taking photos of our find...gone viral of course... just marking the find...that we were first here, and no one else can claim otherwise
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Wonderful dive trip with good company and interesting critter.

Thanks for this awesome trip report Jun!