Diving Touristy South Andaman, Phuket

Jun V Lao, Scuba Diving, Underwater Photography
If you dont mind diving with 100 divers at one time,  and if your more interested in meeting hot guys, gals and partying, Phuket Thailand diving is for you

This was quite a fun trip. Was lucky to be given a spot on Peter Pan, a gift you may say from a famous instructor photographer diver during better days. While we didn't see the usual whalesharks and Manta Rays which are seen at the Northern side of Andaman, South Andaman was fun, you see thick clouds of fish, reefs were quite colorful. Do check out the Phuket Andaman video with Peter Pan to check out what Scuba diving holidays in Phuket is like during the off season. Full moon party clips inside :)
Jun V Lao, Underwater Photography, Scuba Diving, Paparazsea
Glass Fish at Hin Daeng Site

Jun V Lao, Scuba Diving, Underwater Photography, Thailand
Customary Selfie with Turtle
Jun V Lao, Underwater Photography
famous Lawrence Alex Wu on surface interval
Full Moon Party Cast

Trip Video of Diving South Andaman Phuket...

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