Facebook, IG and Whats App is DOWN, Outage Worldwide as of Oct 5, 2021 (11:53pm +8 gmt)


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A World without Facebook has happened, October 5, 2021,
What you need to know

For the first time since Facebook went live February 4, 2004,  alongside it's other companies, Instagram and What's App has suffered what several news sites has called an OUTAGE and as of 4:47am Philippine Time, Facebook is still DOWN. Upon writing this, ALL news outlet's worldwide has been sharing with gusto this blip in social network history. 

The problem shared lies in it's DNS, where as of writing it was not clear if there was foul play or internal sabotage within the company involved but highly unlikely it has been an outside hack.

It's now around 4:45am in Manila and Facebook has apparently, all three social networks shared stopped working yesterday in the Philippines starting 11:15pm. 

Personally, I felt impaired seeing how my personal and business pages stopped working but after a few hours and getting to know it was a global failure, it's actually quite liberating having no Facebook, and this Outage or Downtime is a wake up call for every artist or creator to at least have their own platform, as we've seen, in just an instant, all your reach to your existing fans and potential would be clients have vanished. 

Opinion Time. Facebook has definitely helped upcoming creators and artists get known around the world but a lot of non deserving self proclaimed 'Master's of their craft have been fueling silly hype by just adding practitioners of their passion field, rubbing shoulders over messenger and tada...instant hype. For a while, I was thinking, smirking how these "hyped artists and creators" must feel right now that without their propaganda or gossip platform's, what will become of them.

I am pretty sure Facebook, Whats App and Instagram will sort these Outage or Down problems relatively quickly, but it served as a glimpse of a life without Facebook, and now more then ever, every artist or creator should consider at least keeping their own blog or platform since ultimately, at the end of the day,  we can only rely on ourselves.

Do share to friends to know that yes, Facebook, Instagram and What's App for a brief time in history totally stopped working.  

Update: FB back live Philippines 0700
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