Macro Season Starts in Anilao, all photos by Josh Vergara

Scuba Diving, PaparazSea
Josh Vergara creates a tinder head shot of a flamboyant cuttlefish, John Ryan Ecija of Pier Uno Anilao spots this beauty. check this photographer out

Anilao waters have started to get cold and lower temperatures signal the return of a plethora of critters.

Scuba Diving, Underwater Photography
Josh takes a crack at a Coleman Shrimp with parasites, lump to its right
Proof of the start of the macrolicious season is best shared by Josh Vergara who we guided over the weekend via Pier Uno Anilao, we guarantee shots here are photoshop and lightroom free ... amazing really
Scuba Diving, Underwater Photography
Squat lobsters on fire urchin as taken by Josh Vergara

It is interesting to note we didn't even need to hire a boat to shoot, everything you see here was shot by Josh either at the house reef of Pier Uno or we took a short swim to Matututunggil hill, a.k.a Matu point for tiny wildlife.

Scuba Diving, Underwater Photography
common subject with a touch of art by shooter Josh Vergara

Expect to see more of Josh's photos in the days to come and thanks to Pier Uno for always making our stay more than a home away from home.

Scuba Diving, Underwater Photography
Josh patiently waited to capture Pink Eyed Gobies, here is one of many

If shooting macro excites you and you may not have friends into macro photography, don't hesitate to join us for a weekend of fun diving with a camera, cheers

want to learn scuba diving, again don't hesitate to contact Jun V Lao 09159473888 or shoot me an email at, cheers

Customary post trip video here...

Beyond Macro Photography, also sharing Josh Vergara's Manta Ray pics from our trip in Palau during the second week of November

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great shots sir, thanks guys for coming