Australian Tourist Visa for Filipinos..How?

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How to get that Australian Tourist Visa for Pinoys online in less than 7 days. It's now much easier than you think

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to dive with Great White Sharks and getting an invite from LDA Travel, A Singaporean Dive Tours agency, I immediately bought my air ticket just three weeks prior the familiarity dive trip. It slipped my mind though that I had to apply for a tourist Visa when visiting Australia, where friends and my personal banker shared getting one can take quite a while (like 30 days). In my mind, I again blew several hundred dollars on an air ticket which I might not use. 

Scuba Diving, Underwater Photography, Paparazsea
Had good fun shooting with wildlife photographer David Parer, author of the awesome photobook Platypus, World's Strangest Animal

Fortunately though, Getting a tourist visa Online was easy (time consuming but doable without a travel agency's help) and while it gave a small print at the bottom disclaimer of a maximum 30 day window for approval, found myself getting a three month stay visa to Australia in a week.

Sharing with Filipinos who are like me rushing planning to head out to Australia on a holiday the exact steps in getting a Visa so you can finish the whole process in half a day and need not loose their way in the so many visa options provided online to various nationalities. The most time consuming part is the collection of documents.  

Step 1: Create Your ImmiAccount

Start the process by Creating an Immi account, its your personal identification application page to fill up the forms needed, for you to get to find the required documents you need to submit/upload and where you'll get notified if your approved or declined. Another friend got declined by the way so be careful in submitting documents and filling out the forms... 

for those with their own business, do not put Unemployed but place Self employed *this was the unfortunate death sentence given to my friend by making this tiny mistake even though he had complete business documents uploaded...  

which will lead you here, either sign up or Create Account

Create Your Account

Step Two: For Filipinos 
Accomplish Application Form VISTOR VISA 600, its AUD135 

While US, Singaporean, Hong Kong and other first world citizens are entitled to free visitor Visas to Australia with the available 601 and 651 visitor visas, Filipino citizens are not entitled to this freebie. 

Pinoys are only entitled to the Visitor Visa 600, which has a longer processing time (up to 30 days max), requires you to submit several documents and you have to pay AUD135 after submitting the completed Visitor Visa 600 form

I tried applying for the 601 and 651 since it was free, I wasted like 45 minutes to fill them out only to find in the end I as a Filipino passport holder ain't qualified
Filipinos are only entitled to Visitor Visa 600
link to type of visas for tourists

Visitor Visa 600 details, processing times

Step 3: Upload the following Documents

While you've shared everything you need to know about yourself on the application form, prior payment, there will be a prompt for you to submit jpegs or pdf's of the following:

Evidences of
1. Form 956A=
Form sharing who else besides you has knowledge of the tourist visa application
2. Travel Document= 
Passport photo front page with photo and signature
3. Assets= 
Submitted Bank Certification Letter, Condominium Title, Car and Motorbike ownership documents
4. Birth of Age Evidence
Birth certificate or my Unified ID worked
5. Business Ownership
this will be your ITR if you're employed, in my case I submitted my taxes paid, business permits and business certification
6. Travel History evidence
photos of your latest passport pages sharing in and out stamps from countries visited 

Once you've completed everything and paid the AUD135, you sit and wait as you will get notified by Email or by logging into your Immi account

Visa Grant notice

like i've shared, found myself lucky enough to get my approval after just 7 days. You'll receive a PDF of your Tourist Visa. Its all you need to present when traveling to Australia 

Hope this helped, and have a happy vacation dear Pinoy, life's too short...Smile all the time, cheers

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they gave me half a door on my last day, yipee

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