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Get More Likes on Instagram the legit way by consistently doing Hard Work

I never really put time and effort on Instagram as a platform to get my work seen, I used it to just dump my personal pics when I felt like it, but for years, I've observed how my extremely talented 19 year old son was toying with IG like a boss... which sparked my curiosity (He's a very talented and successful photographer in LA who was solely raised by his mom). On a very casual conversation with him, I asked how he got so many followers and consistent eye catching number of likes per post... here was his sensible advise.

1. Use appropriate Hashtags (research on your own for your appropriate hash tag goldmine)
2. Check out groups with same interests, take part with the activities (shoots, meets, etc.)
3. Be active in liking your like minded followers work...

Ok...No. 1 and 3 sounds easy enough, No. 2 is physical work...but ok so I somewhat started out doing 1 and 3 diligently and through weeks liking, experimenting with different hashtags and side stepping the usual trolls on FB, there was hardly any improvement to my stats on Ig.

Here was the revised no frills strategy from my end...

1. Like and Comment on Complete Strangers works with the appropriate hashtags, same interest...just go after them, like and leave relevant comments...

2. That was it...I just Liked and Commented on anyone with a #scuba #diving #padi hashtag (this is a scuba blog yes) and first started at two hours a day, then four hours, then for two days, I tried doing this eight hours straight...Yup, I have the luxury of doing this lol. My analogy here is its like going to the gym, more time spent in the gym, more muscles...simple.

In a few weeks (i did just two weeks on a consistent basis), you will get to identify who is receptive, who is not, its like drafting your accomplices in this silly game called social media. Drop the unreceptive ones, they are of no value, waste of time...forget the famous guys,, so called influentials. While people enjoy associating themselves with the famous (similar to name dropping in the office, at the bar, there should be a new term for social media really), your loyalty to them hardly gets noticed anyway, focus on those who reciprocate, and leave hearty comments and be consistent with your new found allies. they need consistent 'hearts' and comments too.

I'd bet top dollar your closest friends do fail to support on your passion pursuit posts (ang tipid mag like), but they're not serious in it anyway for sure since its just their personal image drop point as well plus every decent hardworking soul doesn't really have time to devote to Instagram. Once you get to have your base in, these friends will start noticing and join the bandwagon.

Its really about creating an illusion...A Spectacle that your getting so many likes. Anyone can do it...the question is, can you do the hours? Yes, it takes time, effort, good content anchored on an exponential narrative plus be generous giving out cool commentary, in their minds, you took extra effort, which you did really.  If you follow this simple and proven way, in two hours, you can get around 2-5 'authentic' followers a day. I did this experiment for 14 days and from 700 lethargic followers, I'm now at 1,000 with probably 150 active accomplices. Small number, but did this only for two weeks...may i remind, no cheating.

Ever heard of the 'Weak Ties' theory?. What it implies is people who you know but are not directly involved with your life on a personal level (acquaintances) will be giving you the most opportunities in your lifetime (think new career, business opp, great deals, etc...bottomline RACKET ✌ ). Lets just apply the same theory here on Instagram, create as much 'weak ties' as possible but churn out good work and make yourself valuable to them as well. Scratch my back, I scratch yours. Its that simple. It just requires time and energy... liking and commenting for hours is freaking work.

Bottomline Result: Average 50 likes/hearts to 150 likes/hearts- More than Double (3x more), 

the excessive 8 hour liking and commenting yielded more...

I don't know if I can keep up with this silly sked/experiment (8 hours a day is silly excessive, an hour is sensible lol), Being committed is hard and we have better things to do...I just wanted to know how to accelerate views, likes (hearts) to an Instagram account with no cheating, plus gaining authentic-relevant followers/accomplices. Don't be afraid if your being boxed out by a certain clique...The planet has around 7.4 billion souls nowadays (Manila alone is now close to 13 million), whats stopping us from finding our accomplices, its not like were trapped in school or corporate where we are forced to mingle with people we don't like..., and social media opened this for everyone to exploit this with gusto.

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